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Do you suffer with any of the following?

  • Do you have a thick, rough area of skin any where on your feet?
  • Do you have a small area of hard skin with what looks like a darker point in the middle of it?
  • Is it painful when you walk?
  • Do you see a lump of hard skin over a bony prominence?
  • Is it painful with any pressure placed on it, even the bed clothes?
  • Is it a hardened, raised bump?
  • Is there tenderness or pain under your skin as well?
  • Do you have flaky, dry or waxy skin?
  • Do you have a painful area of skin that is whitish and rubbery in texture, can often be in between the toes where the skin is moist from sweat, or from inadequate drying?
  • Does the area sometimes bleed?
  • Does the pain stop you from doing activities?
  • Does it make you feel miserable?

We can help you walk without pain again! Make an appointment today and you will be on your way to being pain free!

The Basildon Practice

38 Byfletts (Off Clayhill Road), Basildon, Essex



The Romford Practice

587 Upper Brentwood Road, Gidea Park, Romford

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