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Dear Patients

Despite the temporary closures of our podiatry practices in response to the COVID-19 lockdown; we have continued to receive many calls from patients in need of immediate footcare and advice. Despite these challenging and uncertain times we still would like to be able to uphold our core value of wanting to improve the quality of your life.  So we have found a way to support our patients and we are pleased to tell you that our doors are now ‘open’ to you as we launch TELEPODIATRY.

What is telepodiatry?

This is the use of digital communication systems to carry out online foot health  consultations using video and audio link delivered straight to you no matter where you are.

Why use telepodiatry?

It will allow us to stay in touch with you!

Unfortunately, foot problems are still going to arise despite lockdown! Telepodiatry support will help to reduce pain, discomfort, loss of mobility and anxiety whilst face-to-face consultations within the podiatry clinic are not possible.

Who is telepodiatry suitable for?

Anyone, anywhere who is experiencing skin and nail problems, discomfort,  inflammation, swelling, infection, foot pain and footwear issues or if you are in need of advice, reassurance and preventative measures to avoid more severe issues from developing.

How can a non- hands-on approach help me?

We can carry out an assessment via video link, and in most cases make a diagnosis. Based on this we can use our expertise, knowledge and experience to craft a home management plan to help alleviate your pain and prevent it from getting worse. This process will be like consulting face to face.

We can email you any advice sheets needed whether it is for wound care or a home rehabilitation programme for heel or foot pain, so we can support you throughout.

If you need foot care products to help treat your condition, we can organise getting these to you as long as we can comply with the distancing rules.

How do I book a telepodiatry appointment? 

For Anita Patel – Romford Podiatry please telephone us 01708 728498

For Sushila Patel - Basildon Podiatry &  Rashmita Bedi – Billericay Podiatry please book via our website following the  ‘Online Booking’ link  

Please do not delay if you are experiencing problems!


If during the telepodiatry consultation we feel that you need treatment in the clinic, we are currently offering appointments for urgent care at our Basildon and Billericay practices as well as home visits. 

You can still contact us by telephone, via the ‘contact us’ page on our website and of course by booking a telehealth consultation.

We look forward to be able to continue to support you.

                                Stay Well.    Stay Safe.     Protect our NHS  

Please follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Please all follow the government advice. STAY INDOORS discontinue all non-essential contact with others, wash hands frequently and follow the government quarantine guidelines if you have symptoms.

We look forward to taking care of all your foot health needs as soon as possible.

The Essex Chiropody, Podiatry & Footwear Centres

Sushila Patel Basildon Practice contact telephone no: 01268 553653
Rashmita Bedi Billericay Practice contact telephone no: 01277 659200  
Anita Patel Romford Practice contact telephone no: 01708 728498

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