Do you suffer from dry, cracked skin?

Do you suffer with dry cracked skin underneath and around the margins of the heels?

Are your heels painful?

Do you have unsightly heels?

Do you have deep cracks on the heels?

cracked heels 2Is your skin also dry and cracked on the soles of your feet and around the toes?

Are the cracks on your heels bleeding and painful, making it difficult for you to walk?

If you allow the condition to continue, apart from being extremely unsightly, eventually untreated cracks may deepen to the extent that the dermis layer of your skin is affected. Your feet may then become extremely uncomfortable, making standing or walking very painful. Deep cracks may eventually bleed and become infected, leading to even more serious problems. Especially in the case of diabetics, or those people with impaired vascular sufficiency.

Treatment of Cracked Heels

  • Apply a moisturizing cream twice daily to the affected heels
  • Use pumice stone to reduce the thickness of the hard skin.
  • Avoid open backed shoes or thin soled shoes
  • Buy shoes with a good shock absorbing sole
  • Never try to pare down the hard skin your self with a razor blade or a pair of scissors
  • See your podiatrist

Available at the Basildon surgery

Medical callus peel treatment that is an addition to the podiatry treatment this is a new revolutionary foot beauty treatment that peels callus and dead hard skin.

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