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Help your feet this summer

Feet are for life,not just for spring or summer.

As soon as the spring arrives we start to see patients who come to our practices wanting to make their feet presentable for sandals, holidays and parties after a long winter of neglect and being stuffed into shoes and boots.

Being medical health professionals, we naturally see conditions which cause pain and discomfort and can be debilitating due to an unavoidable combination of factors but we do also see many problems which are due to poor foot care and neglect! 

Since good foot care habits can in some cases prevent problems all together, we are always keen to advise on self-help.

As it is coming to that warmer (hopefully!) time of year, this is a great time to give you some top tips on foot care.

Feet are for life….not just for the spring and summer….so look after them throughout the year, and if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to call us for help.

Here are some tips to get you started on the road to happier and healthier feet.

Cut toe nails before a bath or shower using nail nippers, we tend to discourage the use of clippers and nail  scissors as they are not always easy to control and are ineffective if   you have very thick and hard nails. 

 Follow the shape of the nail but do not cut down the sides. 

 Use a nail file to remove sharp corners.  

 Do not cut nails too short, the free end of the nail should be level with the tip of your toe. 

 Do not leave nail varnish on for weeks or even months as the water-proof layer of varnish can cause the nail   underneath to become damaged, discoloured and in poor  condition. 

 If the nails are brittle, discoloured and in poor condition, apply a nail conditioner after washing.

 We have a special service where we can show you how to do this, using the instruments and nail care products that  we recommend.  

Skin care is vital to maintaining comfortable feet and preventing dry skin, painful heel cracks / fissures which can become infected. Lightly file dry and cracked skin especially around the heels before washing, do not use harsh ‘cheese grater type files as they can tear and damage the skin.

 Dry feet thoroughly.

Apply a moisturising heel balm daily. If you have corns, callosities, athlete’s foot, verrucae or cracked heels you would benefit from a visit to the  podiatrist as they can help with these conditions as well as assess for any underlying causes and then provide advice of self-help and long term management.



running feet

Feet for Life month. 

This year the theme is fit feet

Getting into sport – Start off on the right foot!

The Olympics will inspire many people to get their trainers on and get active. Without doubt exercise offers many benefits but it’s crucial to make sure you are looking after your feet. Olympians require ‘Fit Feet’, so as part of its annual Feet for Life Month in June, The College of Podiatry is raising awareness of the importance of good foot care when taking part in sports. 

Feet for Life month is the perfect opportunity to ensure you have ‘Fit Feet’.

During June, podiatrists are offering free foot health checks around the UK.

If you would like a free foot heath check during the month of June please call 

Call Basildon Chiropody, Podiatry & Footwear centre:   01268 553653 

Please note that the checks are 10 minute appointments followed by a free foot scan and are subject to availability.


Are you walking, hiking, or running? 

My patients are really pleased with Gehwol 

Gehwol image

a refreshing and caring cream for tired and sore feet that really take a beating.

  • Gehwol Foot cream has been known since 1882 
  • The cream prevents aching feet, blisters, and soreness
  • The anti-inflammatory effect prevents infections, brings the perspiration back to a normal level, and eliminates foot odour, and other side effects of excessive perspiration.           
  • Gehwol foot cream strengthens the skin and leaves it more resilient. 
  • Gehwol contains chloroxylenol and oil of thyme which deodorizes, disinfect, and help to protect from athletes’ foot. 
  • Gehwol contains Camphor which stimulates the blood flow  
  •  Gehwol contains menthol which  refreshes while the base ointment of medicated soap, Vaseline, lanolin and talcum protect the skin against wounds and blisters

We are stockits of Gehwol Foot cream.

Welcome to Lisa Rouse so now together with Kelly Jeeves we have 2 beauty therapists Beauty in Basildon.

We are now able to provide a vast range of therapies from pedicures to massages.

We can offer daytime evening and Saturday appointments.

All treatments are carried out in the privacy of a tranquil and calming room.

The beauty therapists would be pleased to discuss any concerns that you may have before treatments especially if you are having a specific treatment for the first time.

They are particularly sensitive to your needs if you are embarrassed or nervous for any reason.

There is a car park for your convenience.

If you wish to book an appointment, call 01268 553653

Lisa Rouse   Kelly Jeeves

May is national walking month


Walking can help you:

  • Get into better shape,
  • Clear your head,
  • Discover hidden treasures in your area,
  • Save money on your travel,
  • Cut your environmental footprint.

Are your feet stopping you from walking?
Are your shoe good enough for walking?
Do your feet require some pampering?
Call us and we will help you get your feet ready for walking

sportsI hear myself saying often to my patients that our bodies are a chain and if one link goes wrong then this can affect the workings of the whole chain.

Patients will often require referral for Physiotherapy treatment or massage if they have come to me with a foot problem.

This is most apparent in patients who attend my practice with Sport injuries or sports related injuries. These are quite simply injuries that are caused by any form of sport or exercise. They can happen to any of us, not just athletes, and when they strike they can stop us from enjoying our passion or even just every day walking or daily activities.

It is with this in mind that Myself ( Sushila Patel) and Laura Hembling now have a clinic within the

BodyWorks Physiotherapy Practice Ltd.
Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
275 Rectory Road
RM17 5SW
Tel: 01375 375938

The Podiatry service is available there alternate Thursday mornings and alternate Wednesday evenings.

celebrationI (Sushila Patel) took over an existing Podiatry Practice on 1st March 1990; I can now look back with great pride over the past 26 years. Time really does fly.

I had come from working in the NHS in Nottingham, to an area that was new to me. I was apprehensive because I knew that going into Private Practice as a sole trader was a daunting task.

I am pleased to say that the community of Basildon and its surrounding areas have embraced me and people have been coming to me with all manner of foot problems and concerns. Their recommendations and referrals have been gratefully received.

I do enjoy a challenge so in 2010 I decided to become a stockist of shoes, sandals, slippers, trainers and sports flops.

Selling these products went from strength to strength, so after 22 years of treating foot problems in my small cosy clinic, it had become apparent that space was becoming an issue and therefore I embarked on my next project of building a new practice.

Basildon council agreed to allow me to build a purpose built surgery all to my specifications.

Of course there were some trials and tribulations but being able to work from a porta cabin for 8 months was a real experience and this allowed me to continue to treat patients.

We moved into our new premises in March 2012.

How wonderful to have space and a place for everything.

25th-anniversaryMy receptionists and foot wear consultants Sandra and Simone now have their own office and we have a further second treatment room that has been converted into a tranquil room where the Beauty Therapist Kelly carries out a large range of relaxing treatments as well as beauty treatments.

She offers gift vouchers that have been hugely popular.

We also offer a  foot scan service now with a foot assessment which will often lead to the prescribing of orthotics or insoles.

People now often come to us for foot wear advice and to be fitted with shoes. My staff are fully confident in finding and fitting the right shoe for the individual’s needs.

It is rewarding to be able to offer a range of services all under one roof.

I am also involved in continual professional development and I am always looking for new treatments ideas and innovations.

I would like to thank my loyal and regular patients and all those new patients who have used our services and gone on to recommend their friends and family.



heart heart Why not treat your girlfriend, fiancé wife, sister or mum
to one of our gift vouchers

How about buying someone special a gift voucher that will entitle them to a

  • A manicure or
  • A pedicure or
  • A facial or
  • A back, neck and shoulder massage
  • Various beauty pamper packages available


heart heart All beauty treatments are carried out in the relaxing, friendly therapy room
within the Basildon Podiatry surgery.


Please enquire as the gift vouchers can be designed to suit your needs.

If you wish to purchase a voucher 
Please Tel: 01268 553653

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