If your nails are:

  • Damaged
  • Ridged
  • Thick
  • Bruised
  • brittle
  • Psoriatic
  • Fungally infected
  • Partially missing
  • Discoloured
  • need protection while growing

Then Wilde-Pedique toe nail reconstruction is the solution for you!





How is the new nail made?

LCN Wilde-Pedique involves the construction of a new nail using a resin gel. After preparation of the nail and bed, the gel is used to fill grooves and gaps on the nail bed and cured (hardened) using harmless UV light, further gel layers are applied to create a nail shape. Finally a top seal is applied.

The result

A natural looking, protective gel nail which is flexible and can be trimmed and filed. The gel is non-porous so nail varnish and remover can be used without affecting the gel. You can swim and bath as normal. If you have a fungal nail; anti-fungal treatments can be applied around the artificial nail and under it's free edge.

Who is it suitable for?

Men, women and teenagers can benefit. Its adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved even on calloused layers of skin or where there is a fifth or more of your own natural nail to reconstruct a new nail. Although the gel will not adhere to skin alone, gels can still be constructed to last for a day for special occasions e.g. for a wedding day. The area must be oil free and dry, free from any bacterial infection and there should be no bleeding or weeping.

Is it safe?

As a professional podiatry practice, we always take a full medical history and assess for suitability. Our HCPC registered podiatrists are trained in the application of the gels. The high quality materials used are hypoallergenic, odourless, anti-fungal and contain no aggressive primers or chemicals.

How long will the gel nail last?

4 - 6 weeks with some lasting up to 4 months. We do not recommend leaving the nail on for more than 8 weeks Very occasionally the gel nail only lasts for a short time, however, the nail usually comes off whole but the gel nail is perfectly shaped for your nailbed and you can reapply at home using a hypoallergenic nail glue. The gel nail is a no-soak off gel and will grow out together with your natural nail. The more natural nail there is on the nail bed, the longer the gel will last. A deep nail bed is better than a flat/shallow one. Your lifestyle and the way you walk will also contribute to the time the gel nail will last.

How is it removed?

The gel is no-soak off. It will grow out with your own nail as it grows, it can be trimmed away but you can revisit us to have it painlessly removed.

What people are saying:

My visit was for nail reconstruction on my big toe.
Really impressed with the result.
Can't wait to wear my sandals on holiday :)
Staff are really friendly too...would definitely recommend.

LP May 2018

We’ve had amazing results with significant reduction in pain and discomfort and an improvement in the quality of life of many of our patients.

Call us for further information and get ready to show
your feet off this spring and summer!

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