Badly fitting shoes can be very damaging to feet. In fact, many adults’ foot problems occur, or can be made worse, because they wear poorly fitting shoes. To help prevent damage to your feet, try to apply the following rules when you buy shoes.

What Should you look for?

Heel – this should have a broad base, and should be no greater than 4cm (11/2”)

Heel Counter – this reinforces the heel cup and stabilises the foot upon ground contact

Sole – should provide cushioning and protection for comfortable walking, and enough grip to prevent slipping

Upper – ideally made from natural materials such as leather or breathable fabrics to keep feet comfortable

Linings – breathable materials such as leather or fabric keep the foot fresh; they need to be smooth and seam-free

Fastenings – laces or straps with buckles or touch fastenings help to hold the foot securely within the shoe

Toe Box – sufficient depth to prevent rubbing and allow toes to wiggle

Insole – preferably removable to allow easy insertion of padding or orthoses

Basildon & Romford Chiropody and Podiatry surgerys are stockists of aetrex,db-widerfit, fidelio, sole uk and vionic footwear.

Call today to book your digital footscan to determine your foot type.

1st Essential: Foot Size.

A proper fit is critical for customized comfort.  Your foot size changes throughout your life and an improper fit can cause painful foot conditions.  Aetrex footwear comes in multiple widths and offers unique features that help provide a customized fit.

2nd Essential: Arch Type - Low, Medium or High.

Identifying your arch type is as important as your foot size.  For example, people with flat feet have very different footwear needs than those with higher arches. Aetrex shoes and orthotics can be integrated to provide optimal comfort for each arch type

3rd Essential:  Pressure Points.

Customized comfort requires a pressure free environment
in your shoes.  With Aetrex orthotics and Mozaic Customization, specific pressure points can be quickly relieved to help ensure maximum comfort.

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