Do you suffer with toe nails that are?

  • Discoloured
  • Yellowish
  • Brown
  • Thick and hard to cut
  • White and crumbly
  • Streaks or spots on the nail

If you have any of the above then you should seek Podiatry advice and treatment

Call today we can help you with advice, treatment and prevention.

Because it is difficult to treat or eradicate toenail fungus, it is a good idea to try to prevent it.

It helps to wear protective shoes or sandals in public showers, pool areas and gyms.

Avoid borrowing someone else’ shoes or sharing socks or towels with someone who has toenail fungus.

Excessive sweating or warm feet provide the right conditions for the fungus to breed.

If you suffer with foot strain or foot pain then this can also be a factor in the development of toe nail fungus so an orthotic device can be used to add cushioning and/or control over-pronation, support the longitudinal arch, and reduce stress on the lower leg muscles.

Call today for treatment and advice

Mykored Products, a range of topical preparations to help with the treatment of fungal skin and nail infections. Laboratory tests have shown that Mykored is effective against a range of dermatophytes and yeasts.

MYK01: Mykored Nail Tincture Bottle: 50ml.Contains: Isopropyl alcohol,Salicylic acid and Benzoic acid.

MYK02: Mykored Nail Tincture Bottle: 500ml.Contains: Isopropyl alcohol,Salicylic acid and Benzoic acid.

MYK03: Mykored Nail Tincture Spray: 75ml. Easy spray pump bottle.  Contains: Isopropyl alcohol,Salicylic acid and Benzoic acid.

MYK04: Mykored Forte Cream: 20ml. Moisturising cream that also helps prevent fungal infection: Contains Clotrimazole.

MYK06: Mykored nail protection oil: Contains special oils to improve nail condition and 1% clotrimazole as a fungal preventative.

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