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Are you suffering from a fungal nail infection?

It is more common than you think!

Around 80% of the population will suffer from a fungal infection at some point during their lifetime.

In fact, around 20% of the population are suffering from a fungal infection right now.

Perhaps you are getting ready for sandal season, or just want to treat an ongoing issue.

If you suffer with toe nail problems then you are in the right place! We can help you if you have nails that are:

  • Discoloured
  • Yellowish
  • Brown
  • Thick and hard to cut
  • White and crumbly
  • Streaks or spots on the nail

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Traditional approaches have been anitfungals, such as lacquers, creams, sprays or tinctures. These are not always successful. Stronger treatment is available in the form of prescribed antifungal tablets, but these can cause damage to the liver, and also have unwelcome side effects (like a metallic taste in your mouth!).

Basildon podiatry is pleased to offer laser treatment to treat toe nail fungus.

Now with the availability of ND Yag laser systems, the application of laser destroys nail fungal infections quickly and painlessly. Once destroyed the damaged nail is free to grow normally and the old damaged nail will grow out (typical whole nail regrowth time is 9 months.) 

Are you suffering from fungal toe nails? We can help you!

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If you have any of the above then seek Podiatry advice and treatment

Please note that patients wishing to embark on Laser treatment for fungal nail will be required to book in for an initial consultation where a bespoke management plan will be crafted specifically to your needs. A fungal nail test may also be needed, and this would incur an additional cost, only if required. Laser costs and your suitability for treatment will also be discussed.

We can help your nails to look and feel better!

Call Today to book your appointment with us!


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